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alla Welcome to Diversified Recycling, Inc.

2006 Recycler of the Year!
Awarded by the
State of South Carolina Department of Commerce

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Our Service Fleet!

Since our inception in early 2000 we have gained the trust of literally hundreds of customers just like you. Trust is a strong word and it's one that we take very seriously. Experience shows that no good business relationship can succeed without it. Our business philosophy is simple, to work for and gain your trust in our abilities and in our dedication to keeping you serviced as promised. Because no two customers are alike, we take the extra time to get to know you both professionally and personally. This enables us to provide you with the highest level of service available with a personal touch. We are locally owned and operated by individuals that have experience in both the waste disposal industry, as well as the generator side of the business, so we understand how time sensitive our services are to you. Our goal is to be the last company that you will ever have to contact for your disposal needs.

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Phone: 1.877.682.0234

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